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Restaurant food photography is an art that many food photographers do not possess. This food photographer works as a food stylist and photographer combination.
Restaurant Food Photography

If you’re in the food business it has to look absolutely perfect. It doesn’t matter if it’s fast food or fine dining – for a cookbook, magazine or menu. If it has the wow factor from a professional food photographer it will sell for you.

As a professional food photographer, Michelle Manzoni knows that your food images are part of your brand.  They must be nothing short of mouthwatering. Often a food stylist and photographer will work together.  They collaborate to create the vision for that appetizingly delicious shot. Most food photographers will add the cost of a stylist to their quote. A food stylist however, may not be needed. A food stylist and photographer combination may be necessary for larger projects like restaurant food photography when multiple menu items are shot in succession.

Michelle has food styling experience, setting up the shots for each of the cookbooks and other projects she’s photographed. However, she humbly attributes much of the the appetizing imagery to excellent food staging skills of chefs with whom she’s collaborated.Get A Food Photography Quote

Food Photography Prices Vary
From One Food Photographer To The Next

Professional food photographers create desire. This food photographer does exactly that. - sometimes working as a food stylist and photographer combined for restaurant food photography.
A Food Photographer Sets The Mood

It’s true that food photography prices can vary considerably. When comparing prices among food photographers be sure that you are dealing with a professional food photographer that shoots primarily food. Some photographers may claim that all photography is the same but the results are sure to disappoint you. Ask to see samples of previous work. Once you’ve narrowed your search to professional food photographers ask if the quote includes a food stylist. If not, does he or she have food styling experience? Look at their samples and ask, “Who was the food stylist and photographer for these shots?”
Professional food photographers will have special lenses, lighting and training to pull off the shots that few people can even imagine. If your food images appear in menus, magazines or websites they’ll be seen by many thousands of people. Michelle is one of the few food photographers that can create food images that look so scrumptious that you’ll want to eat the paper they’re printed on.

Whether you need a cookbook, an ad or restaurant food photography call Michelle.  You’ll be glad you did.


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The envy of food photographers everywhere - professional food photographer - Michelle Manzoni. She's a food stylist and photographer combination specializing in restaurant food photography.
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