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My passion is to make good food look awesome.  I do this for you with special lighting, mirrors and specific lenses for each dish.  Some foods require special techniques and camera angles to make them look incredibly appealing.  As a cookbook photographer I like to hang out in the kitchen as the chef prepares the recipes so I can capture a handful of “vignettes,” or ingredient shots as we progress.
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Michelle Manzoni is a cookbook photographer with food styling skills.
Cookbook Photographer Creates Hunger

Your food will look honest and real.  I’m a bit of a purist.  I don’t rely on shaving cream standing in for whipped cream.  No mashed potatoes made from shortening.  For the most part, the food is edible after the shoot.  I like to shoot recipes that are done fully and accurately and then I apply little touches to enhance the visual effect.

What’s Your Style Of Styling?

You probably have a flair for food presentation, so style the dishes as you like and we can collaborate to make your food look fabulous.  If time is a constraint we can introduce a food stylist or I can bring my styling experience and training to the table.  It’s your call.  if you’d like to see food images I’ve styled visit my portfolio.

Over the years I have amassed a toolbox of culinary gear and props that is the envy of any cookbook photographer.  I have scissors to trim noodles, tweezers to meticulously place ingredients, paint brushes to remove specs, a spatula to create swirls, and syringes to apply sauces and toppings.  It’s a kit of medical supplies, art supplies, kitchen tools and items from the hardware store.


I know a few “tricks” to help you enhance colour naturally.  One example is to blanch vegetables instead of fully sautéing them.  This keeps the colours sharp and natural.  Another is to choose the ideal plate-ware, bowls, dishes, cutlery, linens, backgrounds and mirrors to reflect natural light.

After The Shoot The Real Work Begins For A Cookbook Photographer

You and I will start by picking our favorite shots to get down to the short list.  Those get the post-production lighting adjustments, colour corrections and enhancements.  As an experienced cookbook photographer I have often found that less is more.

Michelle Manzoni is one of the few cookbook photographers that has food styling skills too.
A Cookbook Photographer Sets The Mood

That’s where a good eye for cropping is a must.  A tight crop can bring the viewer up close and personal with a luscious desert – almost within tasting distance.

A wider shot with background, props and cutlery presents a more social setting.

Whether you’ve done cookbooks before or about to embark on your first project I’d be happy to connect with you to see if we could be a good match.

It all starts with a conversation.  Drop me a line or an email and let’s have a chat.


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